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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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The delightfully designed T-shirts, which come in different sizes and colors, are available for both males and females and can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

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The coordinated approach to promoting loofball promises to redefine and reposition African sports in the global arena, says the Chief Operating Officer of LSD Initiative, Mr. Imoh Essien.

Speaking at the just concluded Quarterly Review Meeting (QRM) in Abuja, the COO expressed optimism about the prospects of loofball changing the narrative of Africa's indigenous sports, highlighting the giant strides made by LSD Initiative toward this end.

According to him, the emergence of loofball shall bring to limelight the ample opportunities tied to African sports and the talents inherent in young people. He noted that the sport, which comprises elements of volleyball and handball, receives a wider acceptance among the youth - an indicator of a promising emerging sport.

"Loofball is a sport with so much potential, which if well harnessed, can revolutionize African sports for the better.

"The growing interest of youth in the sport can only aid our quest to build a sports brand in loofball.

"However, it is worthy to note that nothing of this sort succeeds without a clear road map, zest and the determination to continually improve" he said.

Mr Imoh further added that the organization was working relentlessly to establish more strategic partnerships with stakeholders in a bid to ensure sustainable growth of the sport as well as LSD Initiative.

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Loofball Sport Development Initiative (LSD Initiative) is thrilled to join sport organizations around the world in celebrating this year's Safer Sport Day.

Championed by the International Safeguards for Children in Sport Initiative and backed by bodies including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Safer Sport Day, which falls on August 8 each year, seeks to encourage organisations working with children in sport to pledge to embed safeguarding across their work.

While we celebrate this day, we call on our stakeholders and partners to Join us in the commitment to make sport safer for children. Sport is essential to children’s development and well-being – but only if there are safeguards in place to protect them. One incident of abuse in sport is one too many.



Take the pledge today!




Visit https://bit.ly/SafeinSport to find out more.

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Grassroots sport plays a huge role in the lives of millions of people across the world. From school sport and local clubs through to community schemes, grassroots sport provides a diverse mix of opportunities for people of all backgrounds and abilities and, for a small few, provides the foundation for a career at the elite level.

Grassroots sports are something that should be available to everyone. Even more important is to make sure that everyone who wants to can participate in sports at an appropriate level, and to provide encouragement to the young, the disadvantaged, and the potentially excluded to take part.

Grassroots sports can be defined as community-driven sports activity at a local level that is mainly recreational, rather than being about achieving high levels of performance or commercial success.

It’s often facilitated by small clubs and sports organizations staffed by volunteers, although sometimes a major sporting organization may donate facilities and support.

These organizations may be looking to develop the players of tomorrow, but they are also giving something back to their community in allowing them to enjoy sports participation for its own sake.

In terms of youth sports, we can also look to schools and colleges as well as informal activities using facilities – playing fields, courts and halls – maintained and run by local government or the community.

Young people often self-organize, though in other cases, parents, teachers and other local stakeholders may get together to arrange ‘little league’ games and the like.

Physical education programs, in primary and secondary schools, are also foundational in terms of developing an interest in sport and providing a gateway to participation.

Importance of Sport

The importance of grassroots sports participation can be understood in multiple ways. Most obviously, sport is a great way of achieving physical health, and is possibly the best way to combat general, lifestyle-related poor health on a community basis.

Childhood obesity in particular, is a huge problem in the society along with related conditions such as diabetes. Encouraging and facilitating regular physical exercise through sports can go a long way to combating that health issue.

Less well-documented, but equally important, is the impact of sports participation on mental health. Physical exercise can be as effective for mild clinical depression as medication, as strenuous activity stimulates feel-good chemicals in the brain. Sports give back more than solitary exercise does in this regard, however. Playing as part of a team, achieving goals, taking responsibility and following discipline can all help build confidence and self-respect.

Grassroots sport brings communities together, combating isolation which is often one of the most debilitating factors where mental health is concerned.

Youth sports can be enormously beneficial for children with behavioral problems, and this, in turn, can lead to better educational and career opportunities. Communities with active youth sports programs also often see a corresponding reduction in crime and anti-social behavior.

Greater Support

It’s quite apparent that grassroots and youth sport needs greater support. The focus should be on inclusive participation and encouragement rather than competition.

Community assets like playing fields need to be protected, while volunteers need to be screened and trained to safeguard the welfare of participants. By improving physical and mental health and providing opportunities for individuals and groups who may otherwise be marginalized and excluded, grassroots and youth sport provides a massive social service. Clubs also contribute to community cohesion and in myriad other ways. Recognition of this is essential for the future health of society as a whole.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Dear volunteers,

Thanks for being part of LSD Initiative!

We're always striving to ensure that the future of our organization remains bright. As part of this, We've prepared a quick 10-question survey that we hope will interest you to contribute to this great journey.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on your volunteering experience with us so we can make informed decisions and better our service delivery.


We value your opinion!

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Loofball was on Saturday 24th April, 2021 featured in a volleyball unity tournament in Numan, Numan LGA of Adamawa State, North-East Nigeria.

The competition, tagged "Numan Federation Volleyball Unity Cup", drew participants from the five LGAs of Numan Federation in what was a memorable event.

The final of the competition, which saw a brief display of loofball, was witnessed by many dignitaries including the Hama Bachama, Homun Dr. Daniel Ismaila Shaga (OON), the Hama Batta, Homun Alhamdu Gladstone Teneke, the Deputy Speaker Adamawa State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Pwamakeno Mackondo, the President Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Engr. Musa Nimrod and a host of others.

Below are photo highlights from the event.

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In the short history of Loofball, the number of participants in the sport has increased rather exponentially, thanks to the relentless commitment and dedication of our members. We're working round the clock to ensure that more young people participate in the sport and continuously enjoy the benefits of sport and play.


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