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Monday, July 29, 2019

Loofball sport camp begins July 29

As schools close for holidays, LSD Initiative is embarking on two-month-long sport camp/training activities. The first of the two camps starts on July 29 in Abuja and will last until the September 6. The second will begin September 16 to October 2 in Adamawa State.

Highlighting the importance of the camps, LSD Initiative's Sports Director, Mr Edet Uye, said the camps are in line with the organization's plans to create more awareness about loofball and increase playing opportunities for young people. 

"It is important that we inspire future generation of leaders in loofball through events like this. This program presents an opportunity for participants to learn about the game, have an enjoyable and safe experience while building friendships and important life skills like teamwork and sportsmanship. ”  said Mr Uye.

A cross section of youth in the Nyanya axis of Abuja expressed their delight about the opportunity and said they're ready to participate in the event. About 300 young people are expected to participate in the camps, which will also involve sessions of mentoring and guidance from coaches and trainers.  

For more information about the sport camps, contact the camp coordinator, Salihu Omeiza at +2349033217112.



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