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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Loofball will redefine African sports - COO

The coordinated approach to promoting loofball promises to redefine and reposition African sports in the global arena, says the Chief Operating Officer of LSD Initiative, Mr. Imoh Essien.

Speaking at the just concluded Quarterly Review Meeting (QRM) in Abuja, the COO expressed optimism about the prospects of loofball changing the narrative of Africa's indigenous sports, highlighting the giant strides made by LSD Initiative toward this end.

According to him, the emergence of loofball shall bring to limelight the ample opportunities tied to African sports and the talents inherent in young people. He noted that the sport, which comprises elements of volleyball and handball, receives a wider acceptance among the youth - an indicator of a promising emerging sport.

"Loofball is a sport with so much potential, which if well harnessed, can revolutionize African sports for the better.

"The growing interest of youth in the sport can only aid our quest to build a sports brand in loofball.

"However, it is worthy to note that nothing of this sort succeeds without a clear road map, zest and the determination to continually improve" he said.

Mr Imoh further added that the organization was working relentlessly to establish more strategic partnerships with stakeholders in a bid to ensure sustainable growth of the sport as well as LSD Initiative.



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