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Saturday, November 5, 2022

2023 School Program Appeal Campaign: Support grassroots loofball

Dear Friends and Families,

An exciting new phase in Loofball Sport Development Initiative is underway! Continued support of our student and nonstudent athletes will make the most of the outstanding investment in the loofball project. At this time we are asking for contributions to the 2023 School Program Appeal. Your donation gives our student athletes the opportunity to develop an active academic lifestyle with self-confidence and leadership skills for success in life.

New this year, our Annual Appeal gifts can include a customized LSDI face cap, ball or T-shirt which will be given to supporters as a form of appreciation.
  • Contributing N3,000 can provide a ball and whistle for a school; 
  • Contributing N5,000 can provide training bibs for a school; contributing N10000 can provide a net for a school;
  • Contributing N15,000 can fund a school program e.g. Girls for Sport, Future Leaders, etc.;
  • Contributing N20,000 can fund a volunteer training program;
  • Contributing N30,000 can provide jerseys for two schools;
  • Contributing N50,000 can fund a competition; and 
  • Contributing N100,000 can help develop or renovate a loofball court.
To make contribution:

By Cash
Please reach us via the contact details below for pick up.

By Bank Transfer
Please send donation to our GTCO corporate account (Acc No: 0467294180 Acc. Name: Looftball Sport Dev. Init.).

Click HERE to pay online.

By Check
Make check payable to Loofball Sport Development Initiative and contact us for pick up.

Thank you for your continued support of loofball and our student athletes!

You can also donate other amounts or items (e.g. jerseys, training bibs, whistles etc.) to LSDI. For more information, please contact us via our details below.



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