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Monday, July 10, 2023

Loofball a means of developing talents, potentials of youth

The Chief Operating Officer of Loofball Sport Development Initiative, LSDI, Mr. Imoh Essien Bob has stressed the importance of sports, and loofball in particular, in empowering youth through skills and talent development.

Mr. Bob, while delivering his speech during the final of the just concluded FCT School Loofball Competition, said that sport benefits participants in many ways, both healthwise and psychologically.

According to him, "Sport plays a major role in shaping the lives of participants and spectators alike. Everyone who participates in sport and sports related activities do so for a grand reason of satisfying the quest for glory; others include entertainment, health, inclusiveness, self-esteem etc. It has also shown over the years to be a means of solidifying and sustaining peace in countries and communities all around the world.

"Loofball, the fastest rising sport in Nigeria brings to the stage a platform for the development of skills, talents, and potentials of our teeming youths."

He further noted that "loofball is so designed to attain its vision of being a sport for all, loved by all and accessible to all and at the same time rewarding".

To access his full speech, click HERE.



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