We create strategic partnerships with businesses, individuals and organizations from different fields or sectors, who share our passion and belief that sport can be a huge catalyst for positive change and development.

Why Partner With Us

Brand Promotion

Promote your brand or products by expanding your reach to a highly engaged audience. While working with us, we ensure your brand gets maximum exposure through our events, products and online platforms and ultimately associate your brand with our youth-targeted programs.

Social Impact

Our special programs are response-based initiatives designed to provide immediate local solutions. Through partnership, you can support one of these initiatives by way of philanthropy or fulfilling your organization's corporate social responsibility.

Strong Ties

As a mission-driven organization, we work closely with our partners to ensure we capitalize on our knowledge, system and principles to build lasting and mutually beneficial alliances.

Ways to Partner With Us

  • Sponsor one of our school or nonschool events.
  • Fund a number of playing courts.
  • Sponsor one of our special programs like Girls for Sport, Health and Sport, Future Leaders, Peace Champions and Ambassadors Summit.
  • Join our membership.
  • Produce or supply loofball sport equipment.
  • Become a long-term partner or sponsor.

For partnership enquiries, please reach us via our contact details below.



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