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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Download our new fundamental guide for schools

In furtherance of her mission to ensure the success of loofball in schools, Loofball Sport Development Initiative (LSD Initiative) has launched a new guide for teachers to help them teach and engage students in the sport.

The guide, which provides direction on a coordinated approach to teaching loofball, will enable teachers to enrich learning experience of students and ensure that the fundamentals of the sport are understood. Through the guide, teachers will be able to build understanding of the sport both in class and on the court effectively.

Items covered in the guide include, but not limited to:
  1. Importance of loofball in schools
  2. How to teach loofball
  3. Teaching/learning skills through physical activity 
  4. Rules for mini loofball 
  5. Rules for loofball 
  6. PE curriculum mapping 
The guide would be handy for schools and teachers who value sports and physical activities in their domain. It is an important document that promises to shape school sport experience for children and young people.

Here is the link to the guide:



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